Published Works

Titles in bold indicate award winners. You can see the complete list of Steve’s awards here.


Back Door Man (Zach Barnes 6)  2018
Before You Accuse Me (Woody Guthrie 4)  2018
Hit Somebody (Trash & Byrne 2)  2017
Dark Gonna Catch Me Here     (Woody Guthrie 3)  2016
The Nowhere Man (Zach Barnes 5)  2016
Oh, Lord, Won’t You Steal Me A Mercedes Benz    (Woody Guthrie 2)  2015
The Kids Are All Right (Zach Barnes 4)  2014
Postcards of the Hanging  2014
Blood on the Tracks (Woody Guthrie 2)  2013
The Night Has 1000 Eyes (Zach Barnes 3)  2013
Run Straight Down  2012
Cherry Bomb  (Zach Barnes 2)  2012
The Whammer Jammers (Trash & Byrne 1)  2011
Who Wrote the Book of Death? (Zach Barnes 1)  2011


Short Stories:

“Teddy Baer’s Picnic” Mystery Weekly Magazine  2018
“Love on the Rocks” Mystery Weekly Magazine  2018
“Death by Water” Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine  2017
“Look What They’ve Done to My Song, Ma” Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine  2017
“Afternoon Delight” Busted: Arresting Stories from the Beat (Level Best Books)  2017
“Death and the Dancing Bears”  Occult Detective Quarterly #2  2017
“That’s All Right, Mama”    Switchblade Magazine  2017
Stranglehold & Other Stories    collects the stories below  2017
“Smothered Mate” Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine 2016
One Headlight” Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine  2015
“Dead Man’s Hand” Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine  2015
“Santa & The Shortstop” Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine  2015
“Hot Sugar Blues” Vengeance (Tekno Books/Mystery Writers of America)  2013
“Sweet Hitch Hiker”  Dead Calm  (Level Best Books)  2011
“Ring of Fire” Thin Ice (Level Best Books)  2010
“Stranglehold” Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine  2010
“Little Things”  Quarry (Level Best Books)  2009
“Susie Cue” Dead Fall (Level Best Books)  2008
“Running on Empty” Still Waters (Level Best Books)  2007