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The Roller Girls are back...

Someone kidnaps Ginger Slap’s husband at a roller derby practice, and teammates Annabelle Lector, Tina G. Wasteland and Brenda Scarr join forces with Hartford cops Tracy “Trash” Hendrix and Jimmy Byrne to get him back.

Ginger’s husband was running for Mayor of Hartford on a strong law and order platform, but when she pays the ransom, the money disappears under the noses of the cops and their FBI back-up. Then someone tries to kill Ginger, the same day the cops learn her husband planned a trip to Vegas—but not with her.

Trash & Byrne, as the girls call them, know most of the rules have gone out the window, but the roller girls’ mantra is "hit somebody," and it’s going to happen hard, fast, and often.

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Steve earned a second Black Orchid Novella Award for "Look What They’ve Done to My Song, Ma." He's pictured below at the awards banquet with Linda Landrigan, the editor of Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine (left) and Jane Cleland, chair of the Awards committee (right).