Before You Accuse Me

Bad exes make bad clients. Years ago, Sarah McKinnon dumped Chris Guthrie and moved hundreds of miles away for a new job and, eventually, new husband. Soon after that, Guthrie nearly lost his leg in a shoot-out that cost him his job as a Detroit cop. Now Sarah's new husband is in trouble and she wants her PI ex to get him out of it. Against his better judgment--and that of his new companion, Megan Traine--Guthrie flies east were he and Megan find Sam Henderson accused of killing his mistress. He has a motive, the opportunity, a weak alibi, and maybe the murder weapon--which has disappeared.

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Editing & Workshops

Steve Liskow's short stories have garnered an Edgar Award nomination, the Black Orchid Novella Award, and Honorable Mention for the Al Blanchard Short Story Award. He taught English at the high school and college levels for over 30 years. Combining classroom savvy with his experience as an actor, director, producer and designer for 100+ theatrical productions throughout central Connecticut, he offers a practical, hands-on approach to writing that applies to all genres of fiction or playwriting.

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