Back Door Man

A Slash From the Past: Trish Straithorne hires Hartford PI Zach Barnes to check the background of her band’s webmaster Jack Fisher—who also happens to be her lover. Barnes discovers Fisher was the prime suspect in the killing of his fiancée and her entire family, but the police couldn’t prove he did it. Five years later, the case is still open. That cold case heats up when Barnes discovers the police case file lacks crucial details—including rape and possible drug trafficking—and other suspects the cops should have questioned. Who removed those names, and why? And what will they do when Barnes keeps asking those questions?

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Editing & Workshops

Steve Liskow's short stories have garnered an Edgar Award nomination, the Black Orchid Novella Award, and Honorable Mention for the Al Blanchard Short Story Award. He taught English at the high school and college levels for over 30 years. Combining classroom savvy with his experience as an actor, director, producer and designer for 100+ theatrical productions throughout central Connecticut, he offers a practical, hands-on approach to writing that applies to all genres of fiction or playwriting.

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